Amir Tataloo

Amir Tataloo

Amir Hossein Maghsoudloo, Stage name Amir Tataloo born september 21,1987 in Majidiye , Tehran.
Regarding to his father’s job situation, Amir passed his elemantry school years in Rasht, but after a few years he moved to Tehran again and beacuse of his family financial situation he decided to work and study at the same time.
From 14 to 16 he was working in a carpentering workshop and then he continued working in a grocery store from 16 to 18.
After finishing high school he started following his love of life which was music.
The begining of his art activities was simultanous with other premiers in persian underground music like Pishro, Tohi, Eblis.
” Boro Az Pishe Man “, ” Gorbe Sefat ” and ” 1001 Shab ” were his smash hits at that time, after a while he decided to make his music more popular and he could turned the attention of this music style followers from los angeles singers to his songs.
The tremendous success that ” Vay Ke Che Haliye ” and ” Yeki Behesh Zang Bezane ” achieved , stablized Amir’s position as the king of persian R& B.
For a while he was continuing his activities in Dubai but he came back to his motherland, Iran again and continued his activities more serious than ever before.
His style of music is a combination of Pop , R&B and Rap that he named it Tatality. ” Maghze Dar Rafte “, ” Hesse Mamooli ” and Alo2 are some of his masterpieces in his unique style,” Tatality”.